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About bperceptive

bperceptive is a brand strategy firm that helps clients to elevate their brand and specializes in the architecture and design industry. The overall goal is to widen their exposure, be consistent with messaging and expand their client base to realize increased revenues and build brand equity.


bperceptive was founded by Barbara Austin who earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design at The Ohio State University. She practiced design in 3 states and then represented manufacturing company products to the A&D community and other creatives in the Midwest, locating her office in Chicago. With time in the technology and analytics world, she honed her skills as a marketer and sales expert. She also authored and published an ebook, “Nail The Interview! – The Recruiting Insider’s Workbook for Candidates”, which ranked #1 in the Job Hunting category on Amazon.com.

With this expertise in mind, it was logical for bperceptive to specialize with clients in the architecture and design industry. Many in the creative world focus on delivering innovative design first and running a business second. When you establish your own firm, you become a business owner as well as creative provider. bperceptive is dedicated to providing services to bring clarity and direction to the business side of your firm. No firm is like another, so we help you to launch your brand strategy from a solid foundation and enable a custom build of a model that best suits your firm so as to elevate your brand.


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