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About bperceptive

bperceptive was founded by Barbara Austin, a brand strategist with expertise in brand awareness, brand management, PR, content writing and design.  She has been in marketing and sales for over 15 years and worked in the design field as well.  Our team has many years of talent and experience to help you with your message.

What is your brand?  Your brand is your image, your reputation, your client loyalty, your consistent message and more.  How do you bolster it?  How do you implement a plan and manage it?  

Regardless of your approach, there must be a plan in place.  bperceptive can help your focus and ease your workload.  Let's talk about what we can do to best support your and your brand!

Reach out to bperceptive at:
barbara@bperceptive.com to explore what we can accomplish for you.

bperceptive.    bsmart.    bsuccessful.



Contact:  barbara@bperceptive.com