bperceptive is a multi-faceted work-life balance resource.  If you are looking for work, use the ebook to which we refer and "Nail The Interview!"  Now that you have it or if you already had a job, simplify your life so you can enjoy it.  We recommend organization to get you there.  We offer tips and tricks to bring order to your home so you can relax and enjoy life!

When you have a great job you enjoy, then it is not work.  If you have a great home environment, then you enjoy it as well.  While it may see like an interesting mix, there is harmony between the two.  Yes, if you are a work-in-the-home person, it is work whether you are paid a salary or not.  Everyone wants a work-life balance.  Let's work on it together.  

Let's face it, spaces do not happen overnight.  At least not without a dedicated staff!  Take it easy on yourself.  Tackle one space at a time.  

My approach is to simplify and organize.  Go vertical and leave no space off limits.  Take the time to edit. Take the time to donate and purge.  Then, you may focus on living your life, not searching for solutions. Use these proven approaches!

You may want to revisit and revise.  Find what works for you. Tackle one area at a time.  Keep at it.  Once you have places for things, it is much easier to keep up and maintain a tidy and clean environment.  If you feel overwhelmed, take a break!  Get out of your home for awhile.  

Let us know if you have anything in particular you would like to see on the site.  More content is on its way.  Stay tuned!

bperceptive was founded by Barbara Austin, author of Nail The Interview! The Recruiting Insider’s Workbook for Candidates”, is an accomplished professional services executive with a focus in information technology and has spent most of her career in the large IT job market in Chicago, IL, USA. She has worked with the Fortune 1000 as well as smaller businesses to provide the IT talent and solutions they needed. Her focus has not only been with the client side, but also with the candidates looking for a job. Her exposure to this process gave her unique insight into the world of interviewing. She has created a succinct recruiting tool or “insider’s guide” with insight into interview tips and skills for any job search. It is her belief that anyone looking for a job can master this approach and prepare great interview answers.  We all have or want to work, right?  Then perfect the pitch and land the work you want so you will not feel like you are working.