2 Minute Drill


The 2 Minute Drill has changed a bit since I first developed it.  Now that we are doing more with virtual interviews, there is not a need for the Interview Kit* listed below unless there is an onsite interview.  However, when there is a face-to-face interview, you may need to bring a mask along with it. 


First of all, when you are waiting for the interviewer to call, appear on your device, or come to the lobby to get you, you need to FOCUS!  Take your mind off your phone or device set up or your commute to the location.  Don’t allow any outside distractions affect you now.  You are ready a little early, so pull yourself together.  It is time to put make any adjustments.  Check your teeth (if this is onsite or virtual) and use some breath freshener.  You will feel better and it helps get you in the professional mindset.


If you have some extra time, review your preparation workbook (eBook) and quickly refresh your memory with your (true) stories you prepared as great examples of your professional expertise.  This will get your mind focused and in the mindset of the hiring manager.  You have your questions for the interviewer printed or written out and can check them off as they are answered during the interview.


The 2 Minute Drill:  Quick last minute prep for the interview

  1. Ask the manager what they are really looking for with this position at the beginning of the interview. This will allow you to frame up your answers appropriately and present you in a way that the interviewer wants you see.  It also presents an opportunity for you to get additional insight that may not have been in the job description or shared with your recruiter.
  2. If you draw a blank, say so and ask if you can come back to it.  Write the question down quickly so you can remember it.  Don’t worry about it.  This happens to everyone at some point.  Make sure to circle back to your answer for this question at the end of the interview.
  3. If you are asked a question and there are a couple of different directions you could take the answer, then state that and ask for clarification or a little more information.  This will give the interviewer an opening to provide more information (usually more than the interviewer wanted) thereby allowing you to know exactly where you should take your answer.
  4. Ask about the timeline and how many competitors you have and where you stand so far.  This helps you understand the timeframe and how you are being perceived as a contender.
  5. Ask if there are any hesitations to prevent you from progressing to the next step in the interview process (and if you do not know already, what is the next step).  If there are, you can address them, overcome them and then ask if that has satisfied the concerns. If not, then clarify further. 



These questions above are not the only ones you will ask, but can be very effective.  Turn off the volume of any devices not being used in the interview (no vibration mode).  Take 3 deep breaths, releasing slowly to relax & get oxygen to the brain so you can think well.  Smile!  You look great!  You are ready.  Go check in if this is onsite.  Otherwise, wait for the call or click on the link.  You can do it! 

Stay focused. Stay calm and confident.  You can Nail the Interview! 


Good Luck!


If you are working with a recruiter, don’t forget to update them post interview! 



*For onsite interviews, put together a small interview kit.


Interview Kit:


  • Listerine strips (quick & powerful)
  • Safety pins
  • Fashion tape (can be used to quickly fix a ripped out hem or blouse gap)
  • Mini travel lint brush
  • Laundry wipe packet or pen
  • Travel brush or comb
  • Band-aid (just in case)
  • Small mirror
  • Chap stick
  • Nail file
  • Extra pen
  • Dental floss

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