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Strategies to elevate and promote your brand and how others perceive it: Who are you? What draws in your prospect? Take a minute and think about it. Why should a prospect want to work with you? Are you presenting the message they need to hear to convert into a client? When they see your logo or your work, do they identify with your firm (brand)?


What are you doing to attract new clients and keep your current clients loyal to your brand? What keeps them loyal to you after the first engagement?


Your goal is to deliver a clear image of your brand, the value it delivers and how it results in increased revenue for your client. That is the differential that management wants to see. It is vital that prospects understand this benefit as well as others. Your products or services are not simply a cost factor and cannot be perceived as such.


Your brand must be consistent, cohesive, demonstrate growth and benefit. Identify results that your brand delivers and how they are significant to your clients. bperceptive can evaluate your current branding efforts and identify positive attributes to retain and aspects to refine or initiate change.


Initiative Mapping 

How do you get there? When you take a road trip, you at least look at a digital map and you probably take a look at what to do along the way and at your destination. So, it makes sense to have a roadmap as to how your firm will reach its goal destination. bperceptive can work with you to establish a realistic plan with milestones, how to leverage opportunities and how to execute the plan effectively.


PR and Branding Awareness 

We have consulting to elevate your public image and build awareness of your firm and what it does.  Let’s examine how to get the right information in front of the right people. What information are you releasing and in what form? Is it effective? How do you know? When you receive an honor in your industry, do your clients and prospects know? They should. Illustrate a clear picture of the value you have delivered to your clients. Have a clear understanding as to what you release, when and how. There are so many avenues to disperse information today. How do you select what will work best? Create a need for clients and prospects to engage you in order to attain their goals. bperceptive can evaluate your PR needs and create an approach to get your brand the attention it deserves.


Brand Management 

How do you carry your brand forward with relevance and introduce future innovations?  Sometimes it takes a look from outside the brand to really understand the message put forward. Is the brand hitting the intended target? Is the brand conforming to the standards set? bperceptive can evaluate your brand effectiveness.


Brand Marketing 

This takes your brand out for a spin. What does your brand send into the world that draws in prospects and converts them into opportunities? What compels prospects to engage your services or purchase your product? bperceptive can create a marketing plan aligned with your resources to implement for your brand.

Brand Content

What content do you include?  Who writes it?  bperceptive can help with the right content to project your image and support your message. 


RF"X" Evaluation, Response Drafting, and Response Review 

Services to support your RF"X" efforts and craft a winning response. Time is money. RFX responses take a great deal of effort. What sets you apart from your competition? Is the message clear? Sometimes you are simply too close to the action to craft a winning response. Using the prospect’s industry terms is a must, but do they understand yours? When you use a term, does it spell out exactly what you mean? Drill it down. Be specific.


When was the last time you reviewed your boilerplate information? Is it current or do you just add in the pertinent updates for the current RFX response? How do you demonstrate your capabilities? bperceptive can provide tactics to increase your win ratio.

Website Design

bperceptive has website services for you to provide the right image for you.  Should your company need a customer portal, we can provide that ability as well.

Blog Writing / Contribution

Need support with your blog writing?  bperceptive can help you with content writing, editing or simply subjects to blog about.  

Editorial Calendar

How do you manage releasing information for consumption?  How do you know when and where to issue content?  You need an editorial calendar.  


Do you what you can automate?  Dealing with so much can be very overwhelming.  With automation, you decrease stress and keep your editorial calendar on point and on schedule.  Ask about what we can do for you.  

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