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Branding Strategy

There are 4 stages to Brand Strategy and they have subcategories:

1.  Foundation

2.  Voice

3.  Experience 

4.  Efficacy

bperceptive provides strategies to elevate and promote your brand and how others perceive it: Who are you? What draws in your prospect? Take a minute and think about it. Why should a prospect want to work with you? Are you presenting the message they need to hear to convert into a client? When they see your logo or your work, do they identify with your firm (brand)?


What are you doing to attract new clients and keep your current clients loyal to your brand? What keeps them loyal to you after the first engagement?


Your goal is to deliver a clear image of your brand, the value it delivers and how it results in increased revenue for your client. That is the differential that management wants to see. It is vital that prospects understand this benefit as well as others. Your products or services are not simply a cost factor and cannot be perceived as such.


Your brand must be consistent, cohesive, demonstrate growth and benefit. Identify results that your brand delivers and how they are significant to your clients. bperceptive can evaluate your current branding efforts and identify positive attributes to retain and aspects to refine or initiate change.

Services Include:

Services include:

Customized Branding Strategy

Initiative Mapping 

PR and Branding Awareness Initiatives

Brand Management 

Brand Marketing

Content Writing

Editorial Calendar Planning

Website Design


RF"X" Evaluation, Response Drafting and Review

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